VP Race Fuels

VP Racing fuels and VP plastic fuel cans are available for sale at every Hurricane Hills event. Special orders are available if we do not have the fuel that you are looking for in stock. Please ask for Joe Fritz Jr. (#318) for assistance with purchasing VP fuels at our track or email Joe at threeoneeightmotofuel@outlook.com


VP Fuels Currently In Stock at Hurricane Hills

VP C12

The best all around racing fuel made. Recommended for CRs below 15:1, satisfying the needs of 75% of today’s race engines. One of the winningest fuels in racing history, including Modified Tour, Indy Lights, GNN, NHRA, AMA as well as other local and national championships across the U.S. and around the world. Spec fuel for DIRTcar Northeast.





VP 110

Not your standard 110! Highest rated MON of any 110 fuel on the market. Formulated for use in naturally aspirated engines with CRs up to approximately 12:1-13:1. Good lower cost alternative. Spec fuel for DIRTcar Northeast.







VP 113

Offering substantial power gains at a competitive price, VP113 is oxygenated to street gas levels. Formulated for naturally aspirated engines with CRs up to approximately 14:1. VP113 makes up to 2% more power than competitive 110 octane fuels, with gains of 3-4% in engine applications with poor or marginal fuel vaporization qualities. Like Late Model Plus, VP113 burns cooler, ensuring power is maintained throughout the longest races and harshest conditions._ May require a tuning change, including increase in jet size, for optimum performance.




VP U4.4

If you’re not bound by fuel rules, this leaded fuel is the best choice for virtually any powersports application, offering the biggest gain vs. cost of any performance part you can buy. The latest generation of our U4-based fuels, U4.4 makes more power than pump gas across a wider range of applications than its predecessors. Designed as a direct, pour-in replacement for pump gas, it will require modest jetting changes, i.e., +2 main jets or +2 pilot jets at most. With its higher octane rating, U4.4 is designed for use in stock and modified 2-stroke and 4-stroke applications. Contains MTBE.



VP MS100

Professional grade 100 octane unleaded blend for all forms of motorsports. Spec fuel for IMSA sports car racing.









T4 is designed for stock or slightly modified 4-stroke PWC’s as well as off-road competition vehicles._ Unleaded and ethanol-free, T4 is a direct pour-in replacement for premium pump gas, which has a short storage life and has caused a heightened need for repairs in the marine industry due to its ethanol content. _While riders facing extreme conditions are forced to add octane boosters or race fuel to increase the octane of pump gas, T4s 100 octane rating (R+M/2) provides greater protection against detonation. _Compared with more expensive performance parts that increase power along only a small slice of the power curve, T4 offers 2-3% more power and better throttle response across the entire RPM range.





Fuel Name Color Octane Leaded/Unleaded Oxygenated
C12 Green 112 Leaded 0%
Motorsport 100 Orange 100.3 Unleaded 3.61%
T4 Yellow 97 Unleaded 5.92%
U4.4 REG Green 106 Leaded 7.50%
VP110 Purple 109.5 Leaded 0%
VP113 REG Green 113 Leaded 4.66%

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