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**2023 Season Points Now Posted**

Please double check your results to make sure that there are no errors with your results/points/name & number. If there are any discrepancies please email us at Points will be finalized on October 31st, 2023.

2023 Season Points
2023 Championship Hoodie List

Championship sweatshirts will be given out at the District 34 Tai-State Trax Banquet which will be at the Best Western in Matamoras, PA on Saturday January 20th, 2024. Banquet reservations will be available on the District 34 website (must be registered before Christmas). If you cannot attend the banquet you can pick up your sweatshirt at the track during the 2024 season.

District 34 Tri-State Trax WebsiteIn order to qualify for a championship sweatshirt, riders must have participated in a minimum of 6 races and finish in the top 3 of their class. Ties are broken by which ever rider had better finishing results (most 1sts, then 2nds, then 3rds, etc).


Change to General Admission Refund Policy

We will no longer be issuing any general admission refunds for riders only attending practice days. All riders and spectators will now be charged a non-refundable general admission fee upon entry to the property.


Credit Cards Are No Longer Accepted

At this time we are no longer accepting credit cards for any purchases at the facility. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas Program

Through the 2023 Race Gas Program, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC would like to offer every District 34 Tri-State Trax or Ultimate Series rider attending their series events a $10 gift card to Rocky Mountain ATV/MC (cards can be combined and used together for any purchase). Just sign up for a card membership and race at any of these events and you will receive your cards via e-mail! Remember to please support the companies that support you!

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